The John G SNEAD Family and the War

War by Any Other Name

Although known by other names ‘The War Between the States’, ‘War of the Rebellion’, ‘War for Southern Independence’ and ‘Second American Revolution’, the fact remains during this tumultuous time the destruction touched most families across our young nation.

In Time Of War
In Time Of War

During the years from 1861 to 1865, America experienced one of this nation’s most destructive eras.

It was the time of the Civil War.

Over 6.3 million men and women served as soldiers, sailors, or in some other capacity.

Eight of those combatants were John G Snead family members.

Two sons from his first marriage

  • William Henry SNEAD
  • George Mackintosh SNEAD

Four sons from his second marriage

  • John Claiborne SNEAD
  • James N SNEAD
  • David Cook SNEAD
  • Benjamin Bryant SNEAD

Two Son-in-Laws

  • Mansel W HAMMOCK
  • Thomas MYERS

Of these family members, George M., James N., Mansel W. and Thomas Myers died during the war.

Finding Military Service Records

It used to take several weeks to obtain a record.

The procedure would be to fill out a form, send it to the State Archives and History Department and then wait.

If copies of the service record were found, and the fee had been paid, you would receive a photocopy.

Since the internet came to be, finding service records for these men have become easier. Now a person can obtain old military records within minutes.

Prices vary depending on the website vendor maintaining the records.

The records will give the Name, Rank, Unit, and if present for duty. Using the information, you can determine what military campaigns in which he was present. The service records will also tell you if your soldier or sailor was missing, captured, wounded or killed.

Other Records

I have a copy of the Family Bible Records of John G Snead.

In the records are two separate entries about the brothers’ deaths.

  • George MT Snead …Died in Lounds (sic) County 1863.
  • James N. Snead… Died at Elmira, N.Y.  February 1865

There are no mentions of John G’s Son- in-Laws in the Bible records.

I am almost certain the names of Mansel W HAMMOCK and Thomas MYERS, are transcribed in other family bibles.

Collateral Damage

Just as it is now in this time and age, casualties of war were not limited to just military combatants.

A family member may also have been a casualty of some encounter between Union and Confederate forces.

Although none of the Snead Family members  on the home front were killed or wounded, they did suffer severe hardships at the hands of the Union Army.

Union forces led by General William Tecumseh Sherman paid a visit to the area during the famed “March to the Sea” campaign.

There are stories to be told about the SNEAD family’s hardships and struggles, but those stories will be told another time.

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  1. From what I’ve found thus far, Thomas D. Myers served in the Ga 42nd Infantry, Company F “The Newton Rifles”.

    “Miers, Thomas D. (or Myres) — Private May 13, 1862. Sent to Vicksburg, Miss. hospital Mar. or Apr. 1863. Died of disease June 1863.” – “The Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia”

    This site has been a great help in discovering this part of my family tree. Thank you very much for sharing your work.

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