O.M.G. Genealogy

Defining OMG Genealogy

O.M.G.  is the acronym for a popular, albeit abbreviated figure of speech  representing astonishment , excitement, or exasperation .

Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory

It seems to be used the most among  Tweeters, Texters, and Tweeners quite a bit.

I guess it’s a step up from the one word phrase of ‘Dude!’ which I think meant, “dealing with the  moment at hand” and socially acceptable in all gender,race and class structures of the late 20th century.

‘Dude’ was leagues away from whatever “Groovy” was to people,  presently sporting gray to white hair, wearing bi-focal glasses, claiming to be the new 40 and feeling apprehensive about trusting anyone under 30.

You might be wondering right about now what this explanation of definition related vernacular is headed, so I best explain.

Genealogy is a noun defined in Dictionary.com as:

  1. A line of descent traced continuously from an ancestor: “combing through the birth records and genealogies”.
  2. The study and tracing of lines of descent or development.

The synonyms of Genealogy are: pedigree – lineage – ancestry

OMG Genealogy is gaining an understanding of why things were the way they were, how things changed the way they did, and when did things happen the way they happened.

Going back through records, census reports, tax documents, newspaper , personal correspondence, and family bibles, the person doing research had best be prepared to understand the different styles of grammar and speech.

The words used back even 60 years ago have somewhat off a different meaning than they do now.

One hundred twenty years ago, people conversed in an entirely different style.

The names of diseases (a few which no longer exist) were different.

Laws were different. The judicial system was different. Society was different.

I experienced a true sense of OMG genealogy once, while looking for a Great-Great-Uncle. His name was George M.T. SNEAD His name appeared that in  all research documents I had on hand. I researched every piece of paper I could find, trying to determine what the MT meant.  After 5 years of research I found his name listed in a book about Newton County, Georgia  schools in the 1800’s.  Listed under my Great-Great Grandfather’s name was GEORGE MACKINTOSH SNEAD

It’s a good feeling anytime you find a missing piece in a genealogical puzzle.

A true, Oh My Gosh, genealogy moment.

Before signing off, I want to tell you something about dwelling on  the past and why it may be best to work in the present for a better future.

I once asked my father if he missed the ‘Good Ol’ Days.’

His reply was along the lines of, “Good Ol’ Days? Let’s see now, the good ol’ days. Well, my father died just about the same time the Great Depression hit, so I didn’t get to finish school, because I had to work to help put food on the table. After the Depression, I had to leave my new family, go clear across the other side of the world and fight for our country.  Come back and worked whenever and wherever I could to raise the rest of my family, so you know  … I can’t see as to how I would miss the good ol’ days”

Rest In Peace, Dad. You deserve it.

Thanks for reading.

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