Why I Enjoy Family Tree Research

Why Do I Enjoy Family Tree Research?

I enjoy family tree research.

Not only from the fact I have always been curious about how my ancestors lived.

Family History Through Story Telling
Family History Through Story Telling

What makes the enjoyment even more worthwhile is learning the  real ‘gospel truths’ behind a few of the stories my father shared with me what seems like (and was), years and years ago.

I did not know it then, but I was learning about my family’s heritage.

Of course, I had no way of knowing what stories were fact and the rest just speculation.

My father told me much of what he had learned through listening to the stories of other family members.

One of the many stories my father told me had to do with how the family name originated from a river in the little country of Wales.

How there were several branches of the family that stemmed from the seven sons of the first settlers to the United States, before it came a nation.

How the brothers received land grants as a reward for fighting in the Revolutionary War, only to be lost through unpaid taxes in years later.

How my Great, Great, Grandfather was a backwoods teacher and farmer in Stone Mountain, Georgia when most of Georgia was still a wilderness.

Stories such as “How during the ‘War Between the States’ one of my Great, Great Uncles got shot, with the  bullet going in one side of his cheek and exiting out the other side.”

Another story on how one of my great Uncles ‘courted’ a young woman, only to be laughed at by her, and as the result never married.

After researching and reading about how and what the families went through during their time here on earth, I can honestly say

“I am really happy that I am living in this day and time.”

Some of the stories I heard about my distant family members can be best classified as border lining on “Bizarre.”

One of the best, but most far etched stories I heard was the story of “How one of my Uncles wrestled with a ‘Catfish’ the size of a grown man when fishing along the banks of Chattahoochee River.”

I never doubted anything about any of the stories I heard.

Compared to what I see on reality shows and You Tube, I find the old stories a lot more believable.

The only difference is, “Their stuff was real! Yo?”

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