Connecting Photographs and Family

Collecting Photographs and Family Connections

Calvin Judson SNEAD and Wife Melissa Armenia WADE
Calvin Judson SNEAD and Wife Melissa Armenia WADE

Since the time I began enjoying the art of family history research one of the biggest thrills I get are, finding old photographs of the people that are a part of my family.

The photographs put a face to the person I researched. Another bonus is having  a photograph of a person when it showed them as a living person.

Almost all of the photographs I have in my possession I have collected are from varied sources.

A few photographs came from first cousins and family members.

Some photos have come from the internet.

The difference of the two sources is verification.

New Cousins, Old Photographs

I received a photograph last week of one of my Great-Great Uncles and his wife. Mixed in with that photograph were pictures of a few cousins in their later years. I am thankful there were names on these pictures.

The photograph came from a man I had never met before. By blood connections, I can call him “Cousin”. However, it would take time to explain the connection.

This new found cousin of mine and I spent an hour or so talking about family connections, whose people I was and whose people he was, and did we know ‘So- and- So’. He knew of my relatives on my mother’s side of the family, but not too many on my father’s side of the family. We also talked about Stone Mountain, the area around the mountain and the way things have changed over the years.

My new acquaintance informed me of another cousin living here in Georgia with whom I may want to make a connection. This new person of interest may have family connections to a different Great-Great Uncle of mine.

Connecting Family

Last week I received a picture from another distant cousin with whom I have been sharing information for a few years.

Our kindred relationship is by lineage from one of my Great-Great Aunts. The photograph he sent may be one of this Great-Great Aunt.

Is This Charlotte A. SNEAD ?
Is This Charlotte A. SNEAD ?

The photograph lacks a name, so before being sure this is indeed my Great-Great Aunt, there is need for further investigation.

When photographs from ‘Way Back When‘ have names  and dates written on them, are a great help in recalling names, faces and facts.

Exploring and writing about a family tree or history is not just about putting a bunch of charts together, quoting the “Begat” out of the Bible, or finding a pedigree.

It is also about putting faces to the names.

Remember that last part next time you decide to take photographs of the people in your life.

I am certain there are more photographs of family members out there somewhere. Just as I am certain there are more distant cousins with photographs of my ancestors.

How great would it be to have a complete album of all the family members from the time of when my Great-Great Grandfather was alive down to present day?

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