‘Through the Shadow of a Mountain’

Stone Mountain
Stone Mountain Georgia abt 1900

… Is the title of a book my father wanted to write, giving his accounting of  family history and his coming of age in the early years of the 20th century.

This is in reference to a time back in the days when getting around on a mule was still a standard mode of transportation in most of Georgia.

Times were simpler back then.  Even though industry and technology were making big advances across the United States and the rest of the ‘Civilized World’ things were a bit slow reaching the smaller communities.

When the day’s work was done, the evening meal was over, and it was too early to go to bed, passing time in the evening consisted of sharing old memories and “telling tales.”

A good many of those stories had to do with  the deeds and escapades of  family members, many of whom were no longer among the living. These stories were a vital part of keeping the family history alive.

My father’s older uncles and his Grandfather  all fought in the ‘War Between the States’, while the older Aunts had remained on the ‘Home Front’ knitting socks for the war effort,taking care of the farm, and tending to the welfare of the family.

My father remembered a few of the stories and shared some of those stories with me.

Although a couple of the tales sounded far fetched, I never doubted the authenticity of the way things were back a hundred years ago.

The sad part of all of this is my father never wrote any of the stories down.

What’s even sadder I never wrote down the stories my father told me.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was hearing about  family history in it’s purest form.

Now it is my turn to share my family’s story, hence the reason for establishing this website.

Origins and Background 

In the 1700’s, there were many Snead families living in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Perhaps a pioneering Snead family traveled down from those regions to start a new life in Georgia.

The Snead family may also have been part of the earlier settlers from General Oglethorpe’s colonization program. Perhaps, as debtors from England, whose only way of escaping debtor’s prisons  was by coming to America.

Research is still ongoing into the actual origins of how the Snead family came to Georgia.

The earliest known ancestor in this line of the Snead family comes from South Carolina.

Until we find out who John G Snead’s parents were and their origins, his hand written entry in the family Bible stating the fact, will do.

John G Snead and family settled and lived in the vicinity of Gwinnett and DeKalb county areas in the 1830’s.

When exploring the backgrounds of the families, it was apparent most of them were a hearty people. The families were farmers for the most part, but had other skills as well. In later generations, the main occupations of the family would shift from farming to carpentry, masonry, and other skilled trades.

Research – Sharing – Collaboration

Since starting this family tree research a few years ago, I have found several distant cousins living in other parts of the world. Information received from these good people, has been very helpful in researching the ancestral tree.

Collaboration and sharing details on long lost family members has only strengthened the resolve to find out more about kinfolk from the past.

We will post any new information we receive or find upon verification. Our sources come in many different forms. (Bible records, Census reports, taxes, manuscripts, etc.)

We do not intentionally leave out any information unless it infringes on the rights of the living. If you find anything here on this website believed to be in error (spelling and punctuation excluded), feel free to contact william@thisplaceofmine.com

For the obvious reasons of privacy and security, (identity theft) our website will not list names or vital statistics of the living.

Words to Remember

“Son, People never really die. They live on through their children and their children’s children. They live on through the hearts and minds of the ones they leave behind. They live on through the stories passed on from one generation to the next”

Guy Francis SNEAD,Sr

April 1910-April 1993

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